Treatment of rainwater runoff (risk of flooding)

The climatic hazards becoming more and more prevalent (climate change), AQUAETUDES proposes an audit evaluating the risks of flooding, to which property and people are subjected. A factual and argued study will be carried out and will be the subject of a detailed report opposable to third parties. The climatic data taken into account are those of Météo-France.

We propose, on estimate, a technical file evaluating, as much as the rules of the art allow it, the maximum flows of a small watercourse or that of a talweg, for that we apply all the laws of the hydraulics on the basis of the geographical statements of Meteo - France.

The objective of this file is to give you flow values that will allow you to take adequate measures to contain or mitigate the climatic hazard.

We do not operate on major waterways that are adequately monitored.

Here is a small stream in the Gard department. Its flow seems insignificant and yet in 2002 it destroyed the Gîte which was nearby.


image roseaux

Flood of the Ceze in the Gard

inondation 1
inondation 2
inondation 3
inondation Malaven 1
inondation Malaven 2

Wet networks (storm water treatment)

A rainwater study requires a good hydraulic competence in order to adapt your wet network projects to your specifications. According to the local climatic study, AQUAETUDES will dimension your rainwater drainage network until its absorption by an appropriate treatment (infiltration, ditches, reservoir...)

The rejection of rainwater in the soil in place will be the subject of a study of permeability, moreover if the nature of this water does not allow a rejection in situ, for example water having runoff on a roadway, we will set up an adequate treatment.