"Water law" declaration file

AQUAETUDES takes care of the entire drafting of your "WATER LAW" file (rainwater declaration file). A rigorous and meticulous study, said to the parcel, ensures you a positive answer for the management of rainwater in your development projects. The seriousness of our work guarantees that you will obtain your building or subdivision permit.

Each file takes into account all the regulatory obligations defined by the law. The technical options for water flow or storage are in conformity with the texts of the environmental code.

Our files are based, for the calculation of the project rainfall, on Météo - France data for the impacted geographical area. Taking into account reliable data, ensures a reliable basis of calculation for the study of the flows.

A prerequisite for the study of any file, is a study of the permeability of the land. This study will always be done by an approved firm.


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